Progression on Honor Rank

Is there not a single way to see how much you need for the next checkpoint? I'm playing like crazy, getting honors and being positive in every single game, honoring one every time, yet nothing happens at all. This is kinda frustrating since I don't even know if it's worth spending time playing 24/7, wasting my weekends if in the end it will be for nothing. Being stuck at honor level 1 2/3 checkpoints. It would be nice to know if it's just a waste of time playing like crazy. The checkpoint system gives 0 information and isn't useful in the slightest, i'm sorry. I get it you shouldn't "just be nice till you get an honor rank and then be %%%%%y", but this system gives away nothing and it makes a huge difference if you play like crazy all day when you get home from work, knowing you can make it or if you just waste your time, getting honor, giving honor, being nice and not getting to honor level 2 till the season ends.
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