Our beloved sad mummy..needs something new

Do you ever get that feeling when you dont belong somewhere? Am I the only one who feels that way about amumu? I mean his kit doesnt have any major problems although his W and E are a little bit outdated compared to some new abilities that are in the game but thats not the problem. I think that a visual rework wouldnt be enough for our little boy to come back (and he is not the only one with that problem). Dont you think that a little mummy doesnt belong to league any more? Just look at pyke or some new other champions. They suit the game very well and are cool to play. I'd love to see amumu's abilities get transed to another new champion. In my opinion, this child-ish chracter was awesome back in the days but as the game evolved he stayed behing with many other champions ( like annie or ashe). Especially when you play these champions without a skin it feels like everything is in 2018 while you are stuck in 2009. Would love to hear your opinion guys about transfering abilities of old champions to new desinged characters (sorry amumu mains, amumu was the best example i could find). {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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