Why are some players stronger than others?

I know, i know, this is a noob question but i am pretty new to this game still. i just hit lvl 30 recently. however there is something in this game i have always found a bit weird. i play ADC and Support a lot and sometimes its fairly easy as the enemy adc is pretty weak hitting and does just as much damage as i do, but in some few matches i have played against some pretty good people that just deal double the damage i deal, and i know this isn't beacuse of the champion or the build because this lasts from early game to late game. it doesn't make sense. like i was playing {{champion:51}} and playing against enemy {{champion:236}} and he just sludges thought my health bar in 3 sec while I'm hitting him back with a lot of shots aswell but my DMG isn't nearly as strong as his. why is this? BTW i was playing normal draft so i suppose Runes doesn't count here, or am i wrong? ty for reading
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