I have a question about games that contain racism

Hiya! So I was having a discussion with someone yesterday at length about this, but I wanted to get a few more opinions to see what the general guideline is. If you are in a game, and there are people or a single person making racial comments, do we actually have to stay in that game? It's not overly clear when I was reading the Summoners Code in explaining what it is we're able to do in those type of situations (other than reporting the individual of course) but I genuinely have no interest or desire to be in a game for half an hour when comments such as: "H1tler k1ll %%%%%%s", or "wh1te wh0r3 s1ck d1ck" appear in the chat box. I personally find it vulgar and repulsive, and in the real world I wouldn't give an individual any time out of my day - so I was just wondering what guidelines apply to games? thanks!
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