Tips on helping your curb the toxicity

Hey guys, lately I've been playing some ranked games and the majority the people I get matched with are overly toxic. Now I don't seem to care that much but I see that alot of my teammates get into a discussion that makes them tilt or even worse - go afk. Now Here I'm gonna list a few tips to help you detox. These are pretty easy and helped me cooldown alot. 1. Ignoring This is definitely a great one. Don't even acknowledge them. 2. Muting If you notice you are still getting triggered. Just mute them. Its as easy as that. (Thank god you can mute pings as well, thanks riot). 3. Its only a game. If they are trolling you, remember that its just a game and you can just go on to the next one. Just remember to report them after the game (I sometimes forget to do this because you just want to leave that bad place you were stuck in.) 4. Take a deep breath and focus on your gameplay. This is a pretty trick one at times. When things go bad, you start tilting and you make big mistakes. Just relax and take a deep breath and try to maximize your input in the game and focus on yourself and how you can become better and make better macro plays. These are just a few tips I use. If you guys have some, definitely comment them so we can all see your techniques!
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