Well i have 1 permanent account banned , would be possible to take that name on a second account of mine ? , regarding this i wonder if there should i pay BE for it ... Anyway i also changed the name of my main account before i been permanent banned 3 years ago , i wonder if there is anyway i can change my second main account name as i hate it because when i match up with romanian kids they use to flame me ... and i am like what to do to escape of these flamers... The other storry is that 13 k blue esence would need like 13 levels just to change name , please could you fix it ? , i mean really for a change name to do 13 lv , unlucky number .... , problem is that i have ip but is new acccount and i need to get champions etc... , is a pain to be flamed ,have a name who you don't like and to pay again to change the name , at least if i would have a free charge to swap free the name as the account was very old before i been banned permanent i just taked it from lv 22 to lv 30 ... I would like to take different thinghs like rune page fragments or name change shards... or stuffs like this from leveling up... ,at least would be osom these aspects of the game to help you with runes and name changes...
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