My 3 suggestions!

If your reading the post, iam rlly srry for my bad english hope u can understand my "language" Hello guyz, enough talk and lets go right to the sugestions.. My 1 suggestion is my idea about what would be the new afk system. Suspensions: At the 1 time of being afk u would need to agree that beeing afk is a negative experiense 1 suspension - can't play games in 5 hours (this happen to every game except tutorial) 2 suspension can't play games for 1 day (this happen to every game except tutorial) 3 suspension can't play games for 5 days (this happen to every game except tutorial) 4 suspension can't play games for 1 week (this happen to every game except tutorial) Now why these suspensions, i mean queue timers is not the best option since the 20 minutes we can do everything to wait for the queue finishes, like see porno, youtube check some girls at facebook (all because we are virgins) (jk :p) Well with these suspensions, maybe the people would thing, "wow dude better stop being a rager quiter) . Now i dont suspend all the access to account , but they only won't be able to play games, but stilll can chat with friend access to shop hextech crafting etc. Now my 2 suggestion. The matchmarking systems (would be applied to normal and rankeds) For normal the difference of wins would be like example: 50 - 100 150-200 300-350 and not only the "same number of wins" as well the same kda like 2000 - 1980 1200-1400 Now for rankeds. Majority i agree that would be like silver bronze But imagine that we are silver 5 and we could play at a minimum of bronze 1. Well we could aplly also the numbers of wins like the example before. Now my 3 suggestion Would be like simple Dear rito can u listen your players "feedback" we are always suggesting for example bring us urf instaed of hexakill tt , ok one example, because this players would can have a more enjoyable game. ofc there also always negative players. P.S atleast if your going to make hexakill make atleast for summoners rift not for twisted treeline! Att. DiogoCosta Aka DyogoCosta
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