How 2 git gud???

How am I supposed to git gud at this game? Every random I play with tells me I need to git gud, but when I try to play and learn the game, I am more often than not getting matched with Gold-tier opponents. I am currently lvl 24 and I don't understand why this keeps happening. I am so bad at this game that I made a new account to start fresh, because obviously my MMR or ELO or whatever on my previous account was all out of whack after all the playing I've previously done. Instead of a fresh start, as I stated above, I'm finding myself being set up with gold players in my lanes, utterly destroying me, leaving myself tilted, my team flaming, and the FF button looking really, really attractive. The other team seems to be content laughing at us because we're losing games in low lvl matches. YES, we're playing low level matches and gold/plat level play is expected???? I can't seem to get any advice from my teams, other than GIT GUD, PLAY COOP SCRUB L2P. There is only so much experience I can get from playing against bots, but I get heckled for playing actual normals, so what do I do?? How do you bridge that gap? Sincerely, a n00b scrublord
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