Thinking of uninstall

Hallo, I am currently thinking of uninstalling the game again and want your opinion. I played LOL about 4 to 5 years ago for maybe 6 months (Hecarim was just out) on a very basic level. Now I just decided to make a new account (a smurf to call) because I lost my login data of that time. I wanted to play LOL again. I remember, on that time I had more decent matchmaking. I played against people that were roughly the same skill level than me. Now it's the complete opposite. I consider myself a total noob in this game. I don't get farm, cannot land skills, etc. But I'm not a total beginner. Every match I play, I get crushed by my opponent in lane (and enemy team). It really drops my motivation to continue to play - even though I really like LOL - but the matchmaking is horrible. The people I play with and against are way over my level and I was asking myself, if there is anybody left in my "skill-level". If yes - how many crushing matches I have to endure until I finally get matched with them? I am currently Level 10 and have about 20 matches. This is my question to you - are there any players left in my league and how long I can play with them? 10 more matches like this I cannot endure. If there is no possibility to play fair matches, I will uninstall immediately and stick to PUBG ;) Thank you for your time reading this.
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