Teammate complains about my build

Ok so im fairly new to LOL still. i do know how the basics work and I'm pretty decent but i still have a lot to learn in terms of items, builds, runes, masteries and all that. I played ADC {{champion:202}} and my support played {{champion:79}} , because he hated playing supp. When we were mid game through and winning {{champion:79}} says in chat; "JHIN, WHAT THE %%%% IS THAT BUILD" "ARE YOU TROLLING" "DUDE, YOU BETTER BE TROLLING". My items were dorians blade and BF sword. i was sparing my money for some of the better items, but maybe that wasn't such a good idea according to {{champion:79}} player. Is there something I'm missing here? I honestly thought this was a very typical ADC type of build but maybe I'm wrong. please answer what I'm doing wrong and thanks for reading.
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