How should I climb ranked?

Okay, so I'm not a new player, but I had been on a break for about a year and started playing again about 2-3 months ago. Due to the break I've gotten rather rusty, or maybe I just always sucked? Either way I have a hard time getting out of bronze all of a sudden. A few weeks ago I kept focusing on playing Ahri mid and my elo simply skyrocketed upwards until I got into promo for silver 5, then all of a sudden I hit a brick wall, end up with trolls, some who go afk or people who end up feeding their lane so horribly. Now don't get me wrong, I am by NO means a perfect player and and have bad matches too. TL;DR How do I get out of bronze? I mainly play adc and mid but when I go on a losing streak I begin to say screw it and just play whichever role I want since I'm getting nowhere anyway. What should I do? D=
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