Lets Talk about Supports O:)

__**This post not written by a Player Master Rank or Bronze, Dont hate, spent 5 mins to read and 5 mins to understand the meanings_{{champion:117}} **** **Each** person have different answer what support means, (_like support mages or any kind of burst early dmg_) the most of players not want even to understand what to do as support or not care about this role. this is not problem, is like your game style, we cannot all be in the front line and die or kill all the times, Support is not something Underrated, You need to be patiend, Τactician and ready for action any time,all this for the sake of what your adc need. **_Example:_** whatever character you take that have a good slow, stun or aoe dmg that not have effect on your adc , (like kill minions) is a good help. The main Role of support is to secure the area by warding over the river and specific spots. The second role is to heal, or protect your adc or even to deal some hits to your enemies, Then go to other stuff like build and strategy of the specific character that you have choose for the game, _(you not choose a support to carry the game, this YEAAA!! is posible, but dont think that way, is a team-play game, so any actions of yours have impact in the entire game,)~~ or the support role is not for you~~ _ **Any character** can be support this is not difficult, one or two support items, some wards in good spots, and go, but .......... enough!!!, **Support is specific characters that are born to do this job**, they have the skills for that, in early, mid or late game, why underestimate them. To play Support is the easier and the same time the most difficult job, because you play for two persons, ADC is not always your best friend in skype with up to 100 games together, talk each other and have your movements already been in the chess. You have to see how your adc moves in the lane, what style he pick to play, defensive or agressive, and move forward with him even if many times he is wrong, "Do or Die" You choose this role, you must agree and dont be angry. If you loose your focus, you lose the game, flame is comming, for you, for your teamates even for your enemies. The Quality of the game already died. But we talk only for supports and we have to continiue speak about them, After Understand the <role of Support> Next is to find a **Guide** for Builds. Tactics (_important_) for the most characters you play with. And always be informed by the latest changes on the game, this keep you in list of high rank supports that all in your friend list want to have in theyr games And more gamers want to add you in theyr list, Some of them will be perfect partners in Rank Queve, and may you hook {{champion:53}} the place that you deserve in the high Ladder. _**Αll answers are accepted, if u agree or not, keep walking, think about more than yourselves and the others and more over enjoy the game. **_ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} **Good Luck - Have Fun **
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