I can't make an impact on the game(How to ADC?)

I've been playing league for a couple of weeks (less than a month) pretty much daily. Im currently lvl11. The champions I currently have are: {{champion:51}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:5}}, I also use {{champion:236}} from my free rotation. I really enjoy playing as an AD carry and it is one of my favourite things about the game but I can't seem to be good at it. Im not a feeder but I don't really have an impact on the game . My KDA averages around 2/2/3 and I just don't understand how some people get like 12 kills in a game. I've been trying to learn but I don't seem to be improving. I've tried attack moving and animation cancelling with Lucian but I can't get a chase working. This all might be down to the fact that I play blind pick and I can never get a support but I still manage to farm to like lvl 13 and not have an overall impact on the game. I can't really take down tanks and only secure kills in team fight situations. in other game I usually play as a glass cannon with a bulkier champion to support me but with league all of that has been reversed. Do any of you know how I can improve and get better as an ADC? Any help would be appreciated. Maybe I could find another champion that suits my play style. Many thanks, 9ducc
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