Looking for mentality advice

I was playing a game where I was mid. My opponent and I had same farm, but at some point I got outrated and decided to recall. As I was recalling with 20% health, my 50% health jungler who was 2 levels below us, decided it was the perfect time for a gank. I recalled anyway. He waited in the bush, and suddenly attacked my full health midlaner and died :) This gave me depression. How do normal players deal with bad teammates? Because, I don't want to rage against this poor guy, and to be fair, it won't help us either. If flaming was making people better players, I would be asking everyone to trashtalk to me legit every game, until I reach Challenger. Games in lower elos are sad. High elo players may have forget their roots, but I think it's for the best. I would like some advice on mentality, because I'll be losing a lot of games on my way to learn (hopefully idk). I don't want to enter a game and give up because it's hopeless. Thanx <3
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