I need help against Darius

Hi guys I really need some help to play against {{champion:122}} , since he destroys fun for me, when he is in the game. Long text with a TL;DR at the end. I am an unranked probably bronze guy and I cannot for the life of me play against {{champion:122}} . Firstly I suck at the game. Secondly, whenever I face a {{champion:122}} , no matter in my lane or not, the game is straight up not fun for me, since at this point all I can do is be half a map away from him to not die. I would really appreciate any advice on how to play, and mostly lane, against him. Here's what I know with a comment on how it does not work for me: Take small trades and don't let him get stacks. whenever I try that he auto, w, q and e as needed which means after three stacks I will be right next to him for him to get the rest of the stacks. just last game I was {{champion:75}} against him and before 6 he got me to half health with stacks only before I got under tower. don't get hit by his q as to not let him heal, but if you must then get hit by the hilt. well, if I move away when he q's (feels like no matter the distance between him and me) then he moves faster than me and gets the q on me. if I try and stick to him he walks away, again faster, and his q hits me for heal and stack. Advice I don't need: Ban him. Well, I try to get good enough for me to go to ranked and there will be times when it is better to ban someone else, so I really need to play against him. Besides, all forums I find on him says he is annoying, but in no way op and easy to play against, so seems like a waste. Pick {{champion:17}} or another counter to him. 2 things here: 1) if I play blind pick I don't know that I need to counterpick him. If I play draft I do not always get last pick, so he may get picked AFTER I pick my champion. 2) I also struggle with Teemo and don't know other counters to him in my current champion pool. my range with {{champion:17}} is 550, and {{champion:122}} E is 535, so only 15 range for me to dodge that if I go in for harass on him. More often than not he catches me and kills me before I can run. And yes, that is with my Q and R. At the moment I am not maining any champion per se, since I am not sure who I should focus on yet, so any advice on any champion would be lovely, thanks! if it matters, this is my champion pool for top atm: {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:23}} TL;DR I suck, so I need help. I can't play against {{champion:122}} . Taking small trades don't work for me. Always get hit by q. I can't always ban or counterpick him. Need advice, thanks!
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