How to win games

You want to win more games?Here is some advice i give you as a player that as more then 5 years of gameplay.(Take this information and if you want to comment be polite) - Learn how to play with every champion - Learn how to use every spell\summoner spell in the game(and all of their interactions) - There are several ways that every Champion can run diferent roles and Itemization - Build your Champion the way it fits better your style, recommended items are just for an avarage build. - Adapt your build during the game but at the same time try to know how to invest your money during the game. - Know how to evaluate every moment, objectives, champion focus, push, etc.. can change every second, if you focus to much on a objective your willl probably lose or die - Make sure you always moving your champion, to make less vunerable to get hit - Any champions has counters, but that doenst mean you already lost - Make sure you get the tools to get earlier easy farm - Know how to trade damage, if you can't trade damage, you are set up to fail - In the beggining of the game you can use your own minions to attackthe enemy (yes you can do that) - Learn to evaluate your enemy playstyle - Be agressive when you have to be defensive when you have to be, learn when you should be one or another. - Dont be so coky, there are alwasy people better then you. - Reflexes and timing is extremly important - Dont rely so much in your allys, every people think in a diferent way, if you are expecting them to do what you are thiking, you probably will fail - Dont force teamfights, you dont need to win teamfights to win a game, dont engange so blindly. (They help alot, but sometimes you will just get overpowered) - Always aply pressure on enemy in every situation, the more nervous you make the enemy, the easier they make a mistake, especially impantient people - Learn every item in the game. - If you can't defend a tower becasue you are alone agasint 2 3 + players just leave it, giving away a kill is not that better and you will lose the tower aniway - Kills are important, but every other objective are important aswell - Learn how to use every ping a wrong ping can cost your life - Be respecfull, no matter how bad the game is going never, but never be rude to someone (just mute ) - Never tell someone what to do, never never do that - Even if you think you are not flaming, some kind of behavior can create bad ambient - Yes bad Ambient is just going to make the game worst and know that you are getting Zero respect for that - 90% of ban in this game are either from bad behavior or leaving the game the rest is pretty much vage - It dooenst matter how many times you get reported, if you are not doing nothing disrespectfull you are still clean - You can be banned, if you report to much like reporting a person for a invalid reasons - Yes chat your your worst enemy, there is barely no reason to use chat anything you say can be used against you - nobody likes to lose but chill bad games happen, just move on, you lost 10 games in a row? doenst matter - If you have a team with random people the chances to win\lose is betwenn 45%-to-55% so don't expect winning 10 games in a row all the time(Can happen) - Dont fight your allys, fight your enemy, if you are just trying to prove you are better the someone on your team, guess what? they don't care - Mistakes, happens, loses happens, deal with it, - Dont surrender for every single reason, try your hardest like its the last game you are alwasy going to play. there are so much things to say but learn everything you can and relax
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