It's really hard to get into the game to have fun.

Leveling experience was horrible in the past but damn I come a year later and it's even worse than before. Rewards are fine and it's great that at level 14 I can own 12 champs and most of them are expensive. TFT is really fun game mode and I am glad people there don't talk much. My problem is the games I have to play like draft pick currently. It's filled with insane amount of despicable people. Aram is mostly fine just one or another person that badmouths. Then you go into draft pick and it's like convention of sad angry people. Played 6 matches and won one because in most of them people just argue and go 0/5 in first 7min. It's hard to have fun and get some practice too. Enemy teams seems to be the same and insult you if you ult them, kill and etc. I work at a mental hospital and damn people there don't show so much negativity that I have seen in these 6 games. Winning is not enough for people and they have to insult you and tell how much better they are. I just hope situation gets better with higher level as I don't know if I can handle having such matches all the time.

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