What champ should i buy? (Expanding my ADC and Support rooster)

so i have 7200 ip right now, and im thinking of buying a new ADC and support. any advice? been thinking about {{champion:67}} maybe, or {{champion:29}} as they were pretty fun to play in the champ rotation. {{champion:96}} was also incredibly fun and great to play so i might go with him. {{champion:57}} {{champion:53}} or {{champion:143}} seems pretty interesting as supports tho. I have no idea, i want you to choose. these are the champs i allready have, ADC: {{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:119}} Supp: {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:14}} PS: yes i play Sion support...
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