Why am i losing so much?

I was silver 2 half a year ago, now im silver 3. i play every day. probably like 7 - 10 ranked matches a day. I try to get a stable kda most of the games and try my hardest to carry, but some games were every single lane is losing that is just impossible to do. I think i am the unluckiest player ever. I wouldnt consider myself as the best player or anything but i can sure as hell keep a stable score and play the game by the rules: take objectives, towers, help in teamfights and so on... I lose every single game beacuse of my teammates. Its very rare that i get teammates who win lane. very rare. How do i win in solo que. How do i stop losing so much. How do i prevent getting demoted to %%%king bronze 5. how do i get back to silver 2?
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