Choosing a main/champion pool

Hello, i started playing league in the mid season 7. I was ranked S4 in season 7 and S1 in season 8. I am not completely new but i could still need your advice, thank you in advance. I want to narrow my champion pool down to 2–3 champions, but can‘t decide on which ones to go with. Jungle is my preferred role, because i like to have an impact on the whole map. Champions i enjoy: Warwick: + : His ability to run across half the map at a short time, Sustain – : too mechanically easy (becomes boring fast) Xerath: + : I enjoy the safe and oppressive laning phase, clear job in team fights – : one dimensional, always buying the same items and just poking Reworked Kayle : + : scales very well ––> i can play it safe and relax (no pressure to end it fast) – : games are going pretty fast in this meta Sylas : + : very fluid and nice to use kit , especially w and r – : I don‘t know if he will be an If you have any suggestions i would be pleased to hear them and will consider trying them out. Thank you for helping me out and sorry for any mistakes in my english, it‘s not my native language.
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