Several questions

I just started playing the game recently. I am level 11 now. 1. still haven't gotten a single key shard. How do I earn them? chests for S ranks keep coming, but I can't open them. 2. how long does it take to improve honor ranking? I've been getting a lot of honors, often it displays "everyone has honored their teammate you get extra progress" etc. but still 0 checkpoint at level 2. 3. why is mordekaiser so powerful now? this is just beyond ridiculous, he can kill anyone, shields and healing are limitless. how to counter this bs? 4. also why do I get so little blue essence? got nasus shard and 130 BE out of my first capsule, thats 400 BE total. How am I EVER supposed to get enough for some 6300 champion? Old IP system was so much better, when you were getting IP for games, not for levels.
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