Why don't Riot makes effort to help player improve at the game?

It's pretty fair to say that league going for towards the competitive side rather then focusing on the fun side. The game no longer have that fun factor that it used to have in earlier season. Hence learning the game is more important then just playing for fun or not to improve in a sense. That said all can agree that mechanics in the game are pretty much natural or practice but league might be the only game mechanics are not as important as game knowledge (MACRO). And that is a main difference between players that are high elo and that are like way down in silver. Well in my opinion silver player should just give up on the game. But as per Riot competition is more important and that what makes the game more toxic and average guy 24 - 25 don't give a %%%% about the game true, but some players in silver or lower elo does. And they are stuck on that elo the fun elo where no one is serious about the game trying to climb playing with %%%%%%ed players. Maybe if Riot made efforts like tips and tricks or macro help, objective control and stuff. If these things were specified inside the client I'm pretty sure that people might spend a little time learning for the client not everyone wants to just go on stream and learn even if someone does it;s not as convenient as it would be if MACRO was just specified in the game client 2 - 3 pages maybe. It might improve the game a little bit for people like me (Hard Stuck SILVER xD). Hope riot does something learning isn't as simple as people working in Riot think it to be.
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