New Player here! Just a few questions..

Hey EUW! I'm new to league and I've been playing a few days now and I can't exactly say my experiences have been fun. I'm just curious about some things and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out or shed some light. First thing is the community as a whole, I more often than not get people that are endlessly flaming in the game and they expect new players to do things perfectly, if failed to do so I tend to get them following me around feeding, even if I don't respond or try to be nice. The other team tend not to help too since it's a free win for them. I guess a single report from me won't do much so how can I make it more enjoyable when I'm spending 20+ minutes with all the toxicity and trolling. Secondly is the report system and how it works, since I don't believe anyone that's been sexist, homophobic or racist in my games have been punished for it, and if I'm the only one reporting this behaviour, does it still count towards the player getting punished or can they slide through because it's only me doing so? And how is the punishment decided on the player. Thirdly is trying to improve on the game as a whole, I've been told to just stop playing PvP and just stick to bot games but I feel I won't get better vs. programmed ai that do the same things and with other people that end up 54/0 Vs them. But if I do try PvP they're are these smurf people that end up doing the same so it's hard to improve Fourthly is Riot points, I'm just wondering if it's worth buying some to get some champions that appeal to me or to just keep grinding levels, and if I'll gain enough essence from doing so to get the ones I like Thanks for reading and sorry if it comes off as bad, I'm curious and want to improve on my gameplay and being a team player as a whole! Any advice you can give will be appreciated!
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