Perplexed by last patch(es) - further ADC nerfs?

I'm unsure about this one. The official patch description says they intended these changes to allow marksmen to reach their power spike earlier. So they lowered item costs. BUT! They said they SLIGHTLY lowered their stats, apparently fearing that if they wouldnt, they'd make them OP. It may be bc I'm noob so I can't judge an item's worthiness appropriately. But let's see. {{item:3031}} for example: Total cost decreased from 3600 to 3400. This means the cost was only decreased 6%. Now let's look at stat nerfs: True damage conversion: 15% -> 10%, that's a whopping 33% nerf. AD: 80 -> 70, that's a 13% nerf Judging from these numbers, I have feeling that the stat nerfs far overweight the cost modifications. We're already seeing far fewer marksmen in games. Unless I'm wrong (I very well may be, I'm not sarcastic when I say I'm noob), are we going to see no marksmen from now on?
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