I'm a newbie in a 9-year-old game.

Hello everyone! I've just created an account and was done with the tutorial, and lemme tell you; it hit me pretty hard that most people know, to some degree, how to play league. I remember hearing about it a lot while I was in middle school, but was deterred from trying it out. I'm somewhat sad that I didn't at least check it because I've missed out on all the changes it's gone through -- and as far as I've heard, there have been a few. The game itself so far is very fun, but now I have to witness its dreaded learning curve for myself. Not to mention the talk about toxicity in-game! My question to anyone that's reading: is it worth it to try to get into this game right now, as a mostly solo experience? Has the game become stale? Also, I'm very open to the idea of learning with/alongside a few willing strangers, as long as you're fine with having some dead weight on you! I do have friends who play, but I find it embarrassing (from my end only) to play with them while I learn the basics. Thanks for taking the time to read this, have a good day/night <3 Edit: I'll reply to all of you when I'm able to. Thanks for replying, I appreciate it!
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