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Hey everyone, I've been playing ranked every now and then and started playing league a bunch more this season. I'm using warwick as my main champion because I'm most comfortable on that champion. After my promo's I've only been getting loss after loss and decided that I'm ready for quite a lot of improvement. Some things I've noticed with my playstyle: 1. Ganks usually don't pay off as well as I want them to in terms of kills or summoners burned. I do tend to open with my E and try and get ahead of the champion while holding Q but most of the time I'm unable to finishh the enemy laner off. 2. I fail to see which lane to prioritize over other lanes especially when all lanes are losing. 3. Whenever I do well early game I can't seem to translate that lead into late game. I added my OP.GG link in the description as well if you want to look at my match history to give me some extra tips.
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