i dont know what to main

i've been playing for years, but whenever i think "Yeah! i'll main X role this season." I always end up switching to Y role instead if i have a few bad games. Thus i don't really feel like i have a strong lane for solo que. What do some of you higher elo players do? pick one or two positions and stick with them? i mean, i feel like for silver/ gold elo i have a fairly decent understanding mechanically for every position, but i'm not particularly amazing at any one. if i had to pick a champion for every lane off the top of my head, it'd be something like: Top : {{champion:86}} or {{champion:24}} jungle: {{champion:72}} or {{champion:24}} Mid: {{champion:45}} or {{champion:99}} ADC: {{champion:22}} or {{champion:145}} Support: {{champion:432}}, {{champion:111}} or {{champion:101}} i can play other champs, but those are the ones that stand out the most
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