Hi, i'm one of the highest ranked females in Dota and thinking about to switch.

I'm a 7.2k Dota player which should be Challenger Rank in League. I'm kinda tired of Dota so i'm looking for a new game. 1. Should i just rush Level 30 via Co-op games? Or are unranked games worth for "gaining experience"? 2. How contested is the Midlane? And do players tend to ruin games just because they didn't get their position too? 3. Can you climb fast as Jungler? Or is it like in Dota where all Top Ranks are just Mid and Carry players? 4. How often does the meta change? And do Champs become completely useless or are they always "playable"? 5. Does countering your opponents Champions play a big role? 6. Is there amateur support in League? Like small weekly Tournaments, Leagues etc.? 7. Who is the best and most skilled content creator when it comes to guides? That's it for now, thanks!
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