Coaching You Dweebs For Free

If you need help in any lane, I can coach you on that. I was plat 2 for like 3k games (specifically mid lane) in season 7. I know other lanes by default. Mid is by far the hardest lane bar none. If anyone knows a thing, I do. I do different things, vod reviews, mentality coaching, playing a game with you, spectating your game. I also do 1v1s if you lack time. And I will consider if you need additional advice, or if my rookie stomping is adequate advice by itself. I will keep advice direct. If I have given you very comprehensive advice (like 2 essays worth), I advise that when I have told you to train on it, you train like exactly 200 games with it. So when I coach you again, I can give you even deeper advice, which may nurture you into the plat 2 skill level. Love peace...and Yugi sucks.
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