Im trying to get into LoL but im getting depressed the more i play

Hi i want to say first of all i have a background of having depressions i even went to seek help and i have come to live with these depressions regardless of my thoughts telling me to %%%, so my friend recommended league to me and i was kinda scared about the community being too toxic at new players, but none the less i gave it a shot and to my suprise i actually like the game and the mechanics are fun for me but in my first few matches i have come too see how toxic some people can be and even bullying me for not knowing how to play a champion the right way. I really want to get better at the game but because my friend is always Forcing me to play with him im getting alot of smurfs and high levels as enemys which is just too much for me to handle then i will get hate from everyone else on my team for being not on their slowly loosing faith in getting anywhere i want to train but against people who have more experience as me its hard for me to do anything right... any tipps on how i can get more motivation? or on how i can get better? i really want to be better i really really want to be a decend player but if im keep getting shit on i dont know if my motivation holds for that long.... sorry for wasting all of your time i just felt like telling someone about it u know? get some weight of my heart, Thanks for listening :) ( german so my englisch is kinda bad and i apolegize for it :3)
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