What champion should I play?

FindMyMain - Find your main champion RIGHT NOW!
Findmymain is the place to find out which champion to main in League of Legends! There a lot of different quizzes about League of Legends which you will enjoy!
Have you ever thought "[What champion should I play](http://findmymain.com)?" or asked your friends for advice on new champions? If that is the case then you should try the fun quizzes on FindMyMain. These quizzes help you to either find your main role or a champion within a role. For now 3 roles have been updated for season 8 and more will be coming soon. [Which midlane champion is for you?](http://findmymain.com/which-midlane-champion-is-for-you-season-8/) [Which type of jungler should you play?](http://findmymain.com/which-type-of-jungler-should-you-play-season-8/) [What toplaners should you play?](http://findmymain.com/which-type-of-top-lane-champion-is-for-you-season-8/) Marksmen and support are coming up soon. Let me know what you think.
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