Getting to the rank I deserve

So, I'm a Talon main mid and on my second role play Top either Talon again or a counter pick to the enemy top laner. So after promos I believe I got put in around Silver 3 and since then deranked to Bronze 1, then ranked back up to Silver 4 then deranked back down to Bronze 1. In the majority of my Silver 4/5 games I was always the carry/playing well in the team but the majority of the time I felt my team were letting me down, I'll give some recent examples from the past few days. So in a game I first picked Talon and the enemy mid laner picked Lux. I smashed her early game up to about lvl 8 with no jungle help. The 1 gank my jungler did try to do I went in with the Talon combo. Either Q/W/Auto to get the bleed affect or the more effective way is, W/Q/Auto because the Q is a auto reset making the auto hit as soon as you use the Q. So once I got the bleed affect on Lux i was already 3/0 so I decided to let Lee get the kill she was 100 hp so a few auto's or a q from Lee would kill her but he missed a point blank q and only hit one auto. That is an example of one game where I went 10/3 but then kept getting focused by their Vayne as she was 13/1 at the time. I ended up going 13/11, my adc went 4/10 and jungle went 10/14 (These are what I can remember best so sorry if these stats aren't 100% accurate) And we lost. This sort of thing happened in a lot of my games. I admit sometimes I lose lane but then usually come back late game but most of the time I win lane. What can I do to increase my win chance as a Mid/Top laner. :/ Link to my stats: (In the game with Morganna my power cut out D:)
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