Tips for improvement

Hi everyone, this is my first ranked season and I think I am doing pretty well, as I managed to climb from b5 to s4 without a huge effort. Anyway I want to improve so if you are higher elo than me (which is not very hard I think), I would ask for some tips. You can look at my (I am Chocolastic on EUNE) and if you want, I can also send you some ".rofl" replays of my recent games, so you can give me some advice on my early, mid and late game strategy. I main aurelion {{champion:136}} which is pretty strange for a low elo player, but this is the champion that carried me out of bronze and i dont know whether i should continue playing him or not in order to climb the ranked ladder. If you want me to send you a specific game from my match history, just write the name of the champion which i played and the score. I can also try to explain some of the maybe strange decisions i make so you can judge them. Thank you! PS: Sorry for my english, i am a polish potato :)
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