Any experienced ADC's can give me some advice?

So I main jungle/support but am starting to add ADC to my list of comfortable lanes so learning the role. Most of the times I'm either equal or slightly behind on farm (lasthitting is still something I'm working on every day) However I want to ask for advice of a specific situation. When I lose my lane and am not capable of fighting the botlane 2v2 what would be the best way to progress? I always tend to play very passive, trying to farm as much as possible under my tower, but I often get my team complaining about me not dealing damage in fights (which makes sense since I've fallen behind. Should I still jump into teamfights with my team even though I'm an easy target and don't really deal much damage to the enemy team, or is it best to simply focus on getting that lack of farm back up and try to catch up as fast as possible? P.S.: I'm a Bronze player, have been for a long time, I know it's bad so please bear with me. (You too, {{champion:77}})
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