1 game no flame = chat restriction 10 games at lvl 6

so i guess even talking is bannable offense in this dogshiit game Game 1 Pre-Game BånBoy: adc In-Game BånBoy: u said u sup BånBoy: reported i guess BånBoy: will u calm if i come mid with u? BånBoy: mute lux BånBoy: darius inting bot BånBoy: he just dive 1v2 under tower BånBoy: lux BånBoy: i hope u and heca meet this darius in ur rank games as teammate BånBoy: all 10 placements BånBoy: and see how good iron 4 feels BånBoy: he ll make it there BånBoy: cause trolls like u dont report these ppl BånBoy: what do u mean report for what BånBoy: he used his W to steal every single cannon and as many other small minnions he could BånBoy: he said sup and he troll pick in bot BånBoy: and even int 2 times under tower 1v2 cause he got tilted BånBoy: i know BånBoy: thats why i said BånBoy: i hope rly u have him in ur team BånBoy: in rank games BånBoy: see how good it is to play with trolls like that BånBoy: cause u wont rep him BånBoy: and he ll ruinn rank games BånBoy: darius is trolling since lvl 1 BånBoy: end BånBoy: have him then BånBoy: go 4v5 BånBoy: who is flaming now BånBoy: its only a lvl 5 game BånBoy: cant believe ppl flame over 1 bad game BånBoy: tell that to riot after chat restriction BånBoy: curse XD BånBoy: what did i say that was flame then BånBoy: i didnt curse either BånBoy: nop BånBoy: i never said anything BånBoy: toxic team BånBoy: flame all game BånBoy: gg wp they call me kid and fk my mother and i get chat restricted for that they got instant feedback after game of me being chat restricted and tried to add me after game but i got no instant feedback of them calling me things and cusing my mother in a lvl 6 game goood job riot i started league after a year of quiting cause a friend asked me to play with him and get high rank this season but i dont think i ll waste my life on this bullshiit game with no rules and random bots banning the ppl with most reprots cause of some random premade %%%%%%s
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