Renekton v Kha'Zix (Top)

I've done a bit of searching on this topic and while I did find a few things about it, the sources are from 2012/13'/14'. I'm level 26 and I've have approximately 90 games under my belt as {{champion:58}}. Earlier today I went into Normal Draft queue and went against {{champion:121}} . This was my first experience playing against that particular champion and it was a bit spooky the first few levels against them as they got first blood against me. At around level 6 (my ult) evened things out a bit and by the end of the game I had killed them 2 times (total of 4 actually however I had help 2 of those times and so it wasn't 1 v 1 on all 4 kills) to their 1 kill on me. I know I am not playing that match up to the best of {{champion:58}} capabilities and I would truly appreciate any advice on how to better handle that in the future. Thank you very much. Co.
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