Smite should be Unlocked at a Higher Summoner Level

Unlocking "Smite" {{summoner:11}} at summoner level 10 proves to be quite challenging to utilise for a new player learning to jungle, as there are insufficient runes and mastery slots. I strongly believe that smite should only be accessible to players who either have at least "level 18", whereby they have access to a keystone mastery or "level 20", whereby they have access to Tier 3 Runes. Honestly, jungling without runes is extremely challenging for a new player and it feels discouraging for them to learn when they struggle at even clearing their first camp. Another solution could be to actually only enable "Smite" {{summoner:11}} in bot games for players below "level 20". Furthermore, new junglers can practise more effectively when it comes to PVP normal games and won't feel discouraged. In addition, a tutorial on jungle routes and clearing jungle camps would benefit new players significantly. Thank you for letting me express my opinions on this topic!
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