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HELLO RIOT! I want to know..are you thinking about your players or only yourself? I am taking ban chat and i can't take rewards because i saw what people i flame when i am doing that? Why i am playing ranked if i am losing from trollers? The troll get flamed by me THE TROLLER report me AND I GET BANNED..that is the riot logic.nice.. You can do a research and you see what your players need! We need back the old 3v3 with buffs! We need back the old client..i have 80-100 fps on game..and in new client all time i am bugging...i can't choose champion fast or creating new champions and change clients and items...but you never do somehting good for the game.. We aren't cool with new things because you want the old..old was better.. I want play with old client like before..i want to do something about the trollers....i want to play the old 3v3..and i want to play league of legends like a human and not an animal! For the that game..yasuo banned,and my mate wanted him..because he banned he took soraka top and he say i am trolling and %%%% you all,all the time ..he gone mid and gave first blood..and after my support and mid gone troll too..they stayed afk..they feed..and they didn't played..all of that in ranked..there i am trying to climb..and i can't because i have trollers..all the time..and you..the only which you doing is to give me report for flame..and now you read dont give attention on me..and i get ban again i am never listen your players...tha tgame i nseason 1-2 was the we playing but we aren't cool with this. i am very dissapointed about your logic and the things that you are changing!
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