Training CS, particular under the tower

Hey all, I want to get better in CS-ing and watched a video that mentioned a couple of cool things to do to get better at last hitting. As I have been playing alot of support that dont require you to CS, and champs that have such good waveclear you dont REALLY need to worry about csing (in lower elo atleast) I kinda fell behind on learning how to CS properly and under pressure. The video mentioned trying CS-ing for 5 minutes and getting atleast a score of 36, which means you lose out on a maximum of 5 CS if I am not mistaken. You then have to alternate between shoving and freezing lanes, never using abilities, trying it with an bot in lane to make it harder for you ect. But my question to you is how do you practise last hitting under the tower properly without having to jump trough multiple hoops in order for the enemy lane to actually be pushing? Cause I dont really know how I let my lane being pushed in if I use the practise tool or custom match, and people in Pve modes are pretty annoying when it comes to granting you the ability to CS in peace. Even the support starts constantly pushing lanes if you mentioned beforehand CS-ing is something you want to get better at, or they randomly start engaging the enemy at level 1-2 and rage at you for trying to get level 3 so you have more access to abilities/damage output. Maybe I am missing something in the tools that are avalible to me or maybe you just have an good idea to get better at it, any input is welcome as I pefer to be able to atleast be sonewhat good at all roles instead of just top, jg and support.
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