How long does it take to actually play kinda well?

So, yeah I played a bit of LoL, I read some guides and it seems to me that I will just get better with time. But how long will it take? How much do I have to endure before I stop getting absolutely destroyed and getting 9 deaths in a match with 2 kills? How long will it take before I can acutally understand what my friends are talking about and what are they doing? There's also another thing - I always die. If I want to farm some minions - boom, 2 to 3 attacks from the enemy and I'm dead. I can't get too close, but I need to in order to not die. Hell, even the tower isn't safe because still get killed there by some %%%%ing miracle. Meanwhile my teammates are doing pretty great. Sure, they are dieing, but not as much as me. _Every single game_ is full of my deaths and I can't see what to do to avoid them. Just don't tell me to stand before my tower all the time, because then 1) I would still die since the enemies are always, and I mean _always_ stronger and better than me, and 2) I cam't farm minions properly because the enemy gets in the way and - guess what - kills me. I want a reliable strategy that of course will not make me free of deaths, but will at least protect me from the majority of them. There are also teamfights, but they are so chaotic at the moment that there's simply no way for me to recognize what's going on and how to fight. Right now I want to focus on one thing, and one thing only - how to win fights and not get killed so much. I just wish it doesn't take like %%%%ing 100 hours to actually get some fun out of the game.
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