I don't know what to do

So. Right now, I play a lot of Brand as support. I always read that the pool should be 1-3 but I find myself the champions I want to focus on; Brand, Morgana, or Alistar are always banned or taken. What the %%%% am I meant to do? If everyone has the same mindset of playing the best champions possible then my pool is getting %%%%ed up. Then I have to learn other champions and apparently that is not a good idea because I have to focus on three? I AM SO %%%%ING LOST. I play support because I am %%%%ing shit at other roles, so %%%%ing shit. And I am just lost. I have no %%%%ing clue what to do and considering to quit the game because I just don't know how the %%%% I am meant to climb. I have read support guides, made many posts on the boards and watched streams and videos. But how do I control people from not inting and such, like for %%%%s sake, look at my last game of this date. 4/18 Tryndamere. I ward objectives, I ping people if there is something odd on the map but PEOPLE DONT LISTEN. What the %%%% am I meant to do. %%%% sake. I can win lane with my adc but lose the game? I am told and advised to play carry supports - I invested preseason till now on focusing Brand and got quite good at him but he's banned every game. I honestly feel like people say these things but its just %%%%ing fake advice. They probably just wanna feel great about it. This post carries a lot of %%%%ing frustration after today. Feeling really %%%%ing down.

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