New player's opinion about your "ranked" games

Hello, To start from the beginning I started playing this summer. I have always played only normals and draft pick pretty much. After maybe few hundred games recently I decided that I am aware of the items system champions system etc and I want to try playing ranked. I have met so many toxic people in normals that I just mute them and don't bother to answer or such. The decision to play ranked was based on the thought that there won't be as many toxic people because they are determined to win the game. I've learned the basics in normals so I went up and entered a ranked game. And guess what? It's even more %%%%%%ed to see passive aggressive individuals who blame you for being a noob, harass you during the whole game, call you some other stuff etc. Don't get me wrong. I am not sensitive about the stuff being said. I would probably be triggered if I have a guy in the team who doesn't know how to play properly. I don't blame them. I just want to know how one is supposed to learn to play when 80% of the people you meet start blaming you instead of telling you what you have done wrong and how it's the proper way to do it. Logically you would think welp I just gotta play games and let them flame me and report me for being new to something because that's how it work in here. I am sure ppl now will tell me to go watch youtube videos and guides and shit. I have read LOTS of guides. Doesn't work this way. You get even more confused about stuff and you get slower because you have to ask yourself 3 times if the thing you do is right or wrong. The best way to learn something is practice and persistence. But why do I have to tolerate people who wish me to get cancer and die just because I am a new player? How new players are supposed to get on that level so others don't flame them? Is this how your "Ranked system" works? Others tell you to watch the recordings of the games to see where you have done something wrong. How the %%%% I am supposed what is wrong when I don't have a clue what's the right way to do it ?! Another concern is why I get matched with people who are so PRO that they can afford to tell me to kill myself? Why I am not matched with complete noobs like me? Why I have to spend ALOT of hours to read guides which will not help me because in the actual game the things are changing dynamically and the guide won't really tell me how to react or counter-react to something in order to get defensive or offensive. Why don't people just write a few words in chat and tell the new guy what to do and how so he don't harm the team. It's not that hard to carry 1 person as 4 simply by telling him to stay near them or away or w/e it is needed so he doesn't feed the enemy. well thats pretty much everything I've been thinking lately after playing some games and I will keep playing rated even if I have to feed the others and be useless until I learn and I don't care if I am losing since this is the pretty much only way to learn I guess. I don't want to bother other ppl or friends to give me lessons for a game lol Thanks for reading my QQ and I hope this is not first impression of every other new player daily when trying ranked.
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