Reported for feeding?

I'm a relatively new player and most of the time I play solo but I've noticed that if I'm learning a new champion in PVP or just having a bad game I get reported a lot or people tell the team to report me a lot. I hear that unskilled players don't get punished just for being not very good but I think most if not all of my reports are under feeding. I know this happens a lot in general but I get it a lot since I'm a new player and I'm trying to learn new champions and I'm not great starting out my most recent example being Nidalee which I just started playing yesterday. Because I seem to get reported for feeding quite frequently, am I likely to get punished for it? My friends tell me I'm not but it happens too frequently for me to be sure. I know that games and such get reviewed if it ends up in the tribunal system and they go by kills/deaths/assists and items bought and since I'm a new player I don't know the items as well as riot does so I just generally choose what's recommended after reading what they do. As for the kills/deaths/assists, I've had a few games where I've went 0 kills but I've never had 0 assists in those games and as for death sometimes I get a lot and sometimes I don't To summarise, should I be worried about frequent feeding reporting assuming they're genuine? I've put some money into this account and in general I've been really enjoying the game so far and don't want this account to go down the toilet because I'm not that good at it yet and other players seem to think it's worthy of reports.
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