New player advice - how do I get better?

There are tons of threads about this and a lot of good answers here. I checked them out, mostly recent ones but I’m looking for something more specific. First of all, I have only played for 2-3 months so I’m pretty new but not so new that I know the very basics. I play a lot of adc, I do support for the sake of understanding my lane partners job and I also enjoy mid lane a lot, mostly because I find the champions really fun. I’m level 24 as you see and I have another account at level 30 and that’s it, so I haven’t even played rank yet (I hear the toxicity worsens – so hard to believe it can). Now you know a little about my level of skill. I’m thriving to get better as fast and as good as I’m able to, so the things I’m doing/planning to do to achieve that is: 1) I read a lot of guides, always check builds for the champions I play and try to understand why the items are suitable. The same goes for the abilities, like what they do and how to use them properly. E.g. position to last hit minions with MF’s Q when enemy is behind to make it bounce, when is best to 4th shot with Jhin or which combos to use when. I mean that stuff helps a lot when you’re new even though most people know those little things. 2) I just started watching pro plays and v-guides by pro players. It helps with the macro-management of the game. 3) I try to learn from my mistakes. E.g. I let myself get grabbed by thresh or Blitz, I learn how to avoid that next time. Not always an easy part cause sometimes you know what to do but some how you end up doing the opposite. But I try. 4) I have a few champions that I play a lot and feel comfortable with, but lately I’ve been trying to play many champions as well to see if I like them but also to learn more about my opponent. E.g. I played a lot of MF, so whenever I’m against a MF, I usually can outwin her cause I know her well. I don’t know if playing a lot of champions is a good idea though, but I’ll get to that. I play against much higher skilled people, mostly because I often play with my friend who has played this for many years and is high ranked. Although with a low level account but that doesn’t seem to help, because the system detects your skill level. I guess it finds something in between us, which is still much higher then my own skill level. When we don't play together it usually goes a little better, lol. **SO my questions are:** 1) Do you think I should focus on just a couple of champions to learn to "master" them or be really good at them or should I play a ton of different ones to know how to outwin them in lane better? 2) Do you see anything faulty about the pointd i described above, do I need to change anything? 3) Any other really good tips on how to get better? or how to practice the things I already know? sometimes I feel like I know what to do in a situation but in the moment it's hard to practice/remember. I really, really want to get better and start doing ranks soon - but I really don't want to before I feel comfortable in game because well it would be useless and I don't wanna ruin things for my teammates.
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