Hit level 3 XD and 1 more thing?

Hi guys, so far so good. From the tips that i have gotten on how to play this game and reach challenger one day, i have only done csing. Im trying my best to learn to cs with my 230 constant ping. I would not say its impossible but its a challenge for sure. I have played one match versus people so far and got more CS than them all but i dont know whats good enough? if anyone can tell me that would be nice. Also any more tips on how to reach challenger (remember im only level 3 while writing this. 0 experience) so I just need to know what i need to work on while i level up. Also i already do mute people. I got that tip and it helped in my match :) On that point, I have started reading about how to rank up, level up, play better and all those forms and videos. After i did all the watching and reading I have noticed that many people complain about not ranking up due to something called elo hell? and bad players and huge toxic behavior? But in my mind all of that gets countered by using mute. which this game gives us. So i then noticed that you an get a permanent ban. Which is logical because all games have this. I then went and did all the reading on what not to do to avoid permanent ban. All is good and stuff and makes a lot of sense. But i noticed something that i find very interesting. Something that doesn't make any sense to me. People are saying that they got banned for being toxic, negative attitude and such. they call it flaming. I do not really understand why someone can get banned for "flaming". I mean the game gives us the option to mute the person that is flaming, but pings still work for communication. So i thought if the game gives us the option to mute someone, then is it not our responsibility if we get affected by flamers? And flamers are bad people i agree but all they are really doing is having a negative attitude in a game filled with strangers. Negative attitude does not mean bad at the game or giving kills to the enemy team or helping the enemy team win. So i then thought if someone flames, yes they deserve to be banned (we mute them) but they get a permanent chat ban (they can speak to friends, just not strangers in the team). Why do they deserve to be banned completely from the game when all they did was go against the "chat rules". So im studying business currently and came up with this idea, please do not hurt me for saying this XD, but i find that whoever created this banning system is a marketing genius. I mean instead of giving someone a permanent chat ban so they can carry on playing on their current profile. They permanently ban the person from the game knowing fully well that, that person can just create a new account. Im sure that many would just do that. but they dont have any of their bought items like skins etc from their last account, so they spend money again to restore those lost skins and such. Making this game more money by using the banning system XD real marketing wizard. Like i said, this is just my opinion, mainly i want more tips on how to be able to reach challenger when i start playing ranked XD. So i need those tips for while i level up, so i can improve. thanks XD
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