I'm just sucking at League no matter what i try

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I have been playing League Of Legends now for like a couple of months and have been enjoying it, however i cannot seem to ever be any good at it, i've tried playing different positions briefly but i end up seemingly do worse than in my usual position of ADC. I'm looking for advice and help as i starting to feel real down about not being great while being paired with players who do well and either carry me to victory or lose because of the team not meshing well. I have tried being taught by people i know on how to play champs but whenever i get into PVP i seemingly get wrecked by other champs and end up either not dying alot but then not doing alot or dying alot because im trying to get more kills, i'm aware that ADC's shouldn't have more assists then kills but thats all i can seemingly do while playing ADC, My CS is much lower than other players (3 CS a minute) and i think it lets me down as a player and lastly no matter where i go i always seem to end up performing poorly I have linked below my OP.GG profile so that match history can be looked at but i'm at a brickwall now on how to improve as i would love to carry on playing LOL but i feel like if i dont improve i will just end up feeling bad about being awful and leave the game for good like with other games Sorry for the poor grammar, i just wanted to get this all down before i forgot

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