Whats going to happen?

Hey everyone, I started my journey into the rift roughly 11 months ago, and have to say its been a blast! However I started my journey right after season 8 has started so I never experienced what happends at the end of an season. All I know is that ranked will be down but thats literally it. Could someone in detail tell me of the changes I should be expecting? The serverness/impact these changes generally have.. Will champions become unplayable for example? Should I expect league to change drasticly? (patch notes phrase the things as if I should expect relative drastic changes compared to general patch notes) But also random stuff like if the season ends tomorrow does that mean the next season would start the day after tomorrow? I legit have no idea what will happen and the impact this wil have so any and all information (even if you feel like its super noob not to know it) please share so I have a better understanding of whats going to happen.
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