Being Stuck In Bronze.

When I play League Of Legends its an enjoyable game. But most times i play competitively, there for i`m in bronze :(. After a year of playing i was thinking to my self, i know i`m not bronze. Therefore watching a few games i`ve played and i`ve saw what is wrong and that the skill difference in bronze is non comparable as everyone in the league is skilled at different levels. Therefore this results in me asking if riot should make more leagues as there is no difference is skill in bronze. For example if you main top lane, you just cannot get out of bronze because 1/10 chances your team feeds making you the tank of the team you can`t carry it doesn't matter if your bronze 1 or silver 2. You can`t cooperate with a team who don`t have good sense in game knowledge and its will start making the game less competitive .
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