What can I do to win if my team always have someone just feeding

So every game in low elo feels like someone always just feeds plain and simple. Example of a game I got, I was Jax vs Wukong top and I won laning phase for the first 10 mins and he kept roaming to our already 0/2 mid. I would ping this mid to the spam limit but he still wouldn't care and ended up having 0/10 by 15 minutes. Every time he roamed I punished him by shoving in the wave and even got first turret but this midlane Xerath just fed their Nidalee and Wukong over and over. This is the majority of my games in Silver-Gold Elo. So what can I do if my teammate feeds? Is there anything I can do because it just takes all the fun out of the game and leaves me feelings useless, like it just seems whatever I do even if I carry team fights there's always one person on my team who just seems boosted.
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