been banned for 14 days saying the n word, what do if happens again

So, i've been banned for 14 days, i lost my cool when we were picking the champions because someone from my team banned the champion i was gonna get knowingly because i declared it from the start, i think that happened because i didn't want to give out my role to them (it's not the first time, that's why i lost my cool) and as the title says, i said the n-word, now i kinda regret it, it never happened to me before, i'm not toxic very often, this time i just had a bad day, now i'm scared to even use the chat because sometimes i really can't keep my cool because of my teammates and un-sportsmanship behavior coming from the enemy team, knowing that i will be perma banned losing everything, the time and money i invested in the account that i have since 2013-2014, because someone from somewhere got offended in a competitive game where everyone is bound to trash talk and use every type of slur there is. My question is, am i really going to lose my account from something like this? If so, what can i do to make sure it won't happen again? I really don't want to lose my account. What if i mute everyone at the start of the game, to make sure i keep my cool?
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